About Us

Fabian Recruitment is a UK based recruitment agency who specialise in both temporary and permanent employment. Fabian Recruitment is a division of a Fabian Contract Services LTD which have been operating for the last 10 years,

We specialise in all of the following sectors:

– Industrial
– Security

Fabian is backed by our own custom-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management System) and Employee Management System.
We also are improving the CRM on a daily basis and some of the features that are coming soon are:-
Customer Invoice Access
Electronic Contracts (no more printing, signing and returning documents)
Electronic Timesheets (so no more word documents)

Our values

Here at Fabian Recruitment, We don’t just place people in the first available job and move on. Our team is motivated by placing brilliant and energetic people into the right job for them. In order for that to be successful, we have to get to know each and every person that applies to be part of our agency, (sometimes before they have even qualified!) When we talk to people we always listen to what’s important for both driver and employer, in order make the right connections.